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Venoms as a Potential Target and Source for Novel Drug Design

The reality of snake venoms, while priceless research materials, is that via snakebite envenoming they cause over one hundred thousand deaths and innumerable disabilities every year primarily in third world countries. Together with a team of world-leading experts, ToxiVen tackles the complications of snakebite envenoming via developing diagnostic tools and next generation therapeutics.

Since ToxiVen realises the therapeutic and scientific value of a broad spectrum of toxins present in vertebrate & invertebrate venoms and poisons, in partnership with Venomtech Limited (UK), we offer arrays (from over 200 species of snakes, spiders, scorpions, millipedes and lizards) of venoms and poisons, and their fractions for novel drug discovery which has an established success rate of over 98% to leading academic institutions and pharmaceutical industries.

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In ToxiVen’s point of view, venoms are a ‘Bio-Treasure’. Therefore, we provide a range of venoms, venom products and venom antibodies for basic scientific and clinical research.

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We are committed to bring world class whole venoms, venom components, venom antibodies, venom arrays and general antibodies in to the market for the effective treatment of snakebite, and also drug discovery.

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