Dr Harry Fonseca Williams MSc PhD

Chairman & CSO

Harry has been studying the pathology of snakebite since the beginning of his PhD. He has diverse expertise in the field of venomology and immunology which are combined with a passion for venomous reptiles themselves.

Dr V Rajendran MSc PhD MRSC FHEA

Director & CEO

Raj has more than a decade of experience in drug development, manufacturing, compound synthesis, purification and characterisation. He is also experienced in project management and business development.

Steve Trim BSc CBiol MRSB

Venom & Drug Discovery Advisor

Steve is the Founder, Chief Scientific Officer and Managing Director of Venomtech. He has over 10 years of expertise in venoms and two decades of experience in drug discovery.

Dr Andreas Hougaard Laustsen MSc PhD

Recombinant Antivenom Advisor

Andreas is working as an Associate Professor at the Technical University of Denmark. He is specialized in recombinant antivenom, antibody discovery and toxinology. Andreas was an Advisor to the WHO’s Working Group on Snakebite Envenoming.

Dr C Soundara Raj MD (Gen.Med.)

Chief Medical Advisor

Soundara Raj is the founder of TCR Multispeciality Hospital. He has been delivering pioneering medical care to snakebite victims and saved many hundreds of lives in his career.

Dr Stephen Paul Samuel MBBS MSc PhD

Clinical Scientific Advisor

Stephen works as a Medical Registrar in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, UK. He has commendable experience in snakebite treatments and research. Further, actively involved in snakebite awareness programmes among students and vulnerable societies in India.

Prof Ketan Patel MSc PhD

Senior Scientific Advisor

Ketan is a Professor of Regenerative Medicine and Developmental Biology in the UK. He is currently developing novel treatments for snakebite induced tissue damage and muscle degeneration.

Kate Fonseca Williams MSc

Head of Culture

Kate has many years of experience implementing organisational change and transformation initiatives as well as designing and delivering learning and development programmes in global and medium sized organisations.

Padmini Ramachandran

Genomics Advisor

Padmini is a public health official at Office of Regulatory Science, FDA, USA. She specializes in data visualization and data modelling of next gen sequencing data. Her research interests include using metagenomics to track pathogens.

Anitha Venkatachalam MBA

Accounts Manager

Anitha has completed her MBA specialized in Finance and Human Resources. She has previous experience with start-ups.

Mohan Raj Vaiyapuri MSc

Research Team Leader

Mohan Raj has completed his MSc in biotechnology. He has experience in vaccine production for human and veterinary applications, and expertise in many analytical techniques such as SDS PAGE, western blotting, ELISA and spectrophotometer.

Mangaiyarkkarasi Subbarao MSc

Research Associate

Mangai has completed her MSc in biotechnology. She is passionate about immunology research and translating toxins into drugs which could be beneficial to society.

Jesitha Sarah Chacko MTech

Research Associate

Jesitha has completed her MTech in Biotechnology. She is experienced in molecular techniques and microbiology, and highly committed to biotechnology research.

Jomol Joseph MTech

Research Associate

Jomol has completed her MTech in Biotechnology. She is experienced in working with Serology, Microbiology, Immunology and Immunoblotting techniques. She is highly committed to work with molecular biological techniques.

Simi Yohannan MSc

Research Associate

Simi has completed MSc in Biotechnology. She has experience in molecular techniques and highly interested in immunology, clinical trials and microbiological research.

Kanmani Buvaneshwari Rameshbabu MTech

Research Associate

Kanmani has completed her MTech in Biotechnology. She is experienced in bioprocess optimization, molecular and microbiological techniques. She is passionate to work with antibodies and antigens.

Akhila Ajith MSc

Research Associate

Akhila Ajith has completed MSc in Biotechnology. She has experience in nanoparticle synthesis, tissue culture techniques and food quality control. She is passionate to work in drug discovery.

Vishnu Rajan MSc

Research Associate

Vishnu has completed MSc in Biotechnology. He has experience in antimicrobial activity, nanoparticle synthesis and is interested in the field of immunology and microbiology.

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